IM-me Dungeon

I’ve written a game for the IM-me. It’s a top down dungeon explorer in the Rogue style. It runs both on the IM-me and Linux.

It’s all released under the GPL and is a decent framework for making your own games.

Download the source code and precompiled IM-me binary here.

  • Engine features:
    • No in-memory framebuffer - 8×8 cursor based graphics (very low RAM usage)
    • Background tiles must be aligned to an 8 pixel grid
    • Foreground sprites blitted with transparency to floor tile and aligned on a 1 pixel grid
    • No proper overlapping of foreground sprites implemented
  • Build features:
    • Compiles for both IM-Me (CC1110) and PC (using SDL)
    • Converts sprites from BMP to ST7565 8bit monochrome vertical stripes in C header files
    • Converts Tiled TMX files to C header files

I did experiment with adding music. But, the IM-me is designed to be a pager. It’s good at making very loud, very high pitch noises and not a lot else.

Here’s the game map:

Who’s going to write me an RF networked Bomberman clone?