I’ve released my open source IM-Me bootloader/operating system, PinkOS.

  • Interactive shell “with backspace!”
  • 32×8 scrolling text console on handset LCD
  • Console over UART (for modified dongles)
  • Packet radio (868MHz@250kbaud+pauses)
    • Sequence numbers, ACKs and CRCs (think UDP)
    • Broadcast and 255 unique device addresses
    • Over the air graphics blitting
    • Remote LED control!
  • Bootloader for launching third-party applications from the top half of the flash (eg. Michael Ossmann’s speccan)

If you have an interesting app, bug fix or improvement to the bootloader - come and contribute something.

(Serial and over-the-air application upgrades are on the todo list…)

An IM-Me dongle, hacked for battery power and TTL serial (click for detail):