MSP430 RGB Lamp

A simple RGB colour changing lamp on the TI Launchpad. Using one RGB LED, 3 resistors and a potentiometer.

Here’s the breadboard and Launchpad version:

(On my RGB LED, pin 2 is longer than the rest, it’s the cathode)

Prototype PCB:

I brought out GND, TEST, RESET and VCC to a 4 pin header, so I can use the Launchpad to do In-System-Programming and debug.

I’d like to mount it inside a small plastic bottle to help diffuse the light. But, a jam jar will do for now:

Source code and Eagle files: lamp.tar.gz

Turning the potentiometer moves smoothly through hues. The colours are always fully saturated. To show different RGB values, set led_brightness[0 to 3].

Bits of code cobbled from: