Launchpad SPI Explorer

Reusing most of the code from my RPN calculator and combining with my previous Bus Ninja project I now have a tiny subset of the Bus Pirate functionality on the Launchpad.

Download the source here

Serial SPI Explorer

A serial port SPI interface for the TI Launchpad. Following the Bus Pirate command syntax.

[   assert chip select
]   deassert chip select
    write byte (0x/h prefix for hex 0b/b prefix for binary)
r   read a byte
:n  repeat command n times


[ b111:4 0x20 10:2 r:64 ]
    Assert CS
    Write 7 7 7 7
    Write 32
    Write 10 10
    Read 64 bytes
    Deassert CS

Controlling a Microchip MCP23S17 SPI 16-bit I/O expander:

MCP23S17  | Launchpad
VDD       | VCC
VSS       | GND
SO        | MISO (P1.7)
SI        | MOSI (P1.6)
CS        | CS (P1.4)
SCK       | SCLK (P1.5)
Reset     | VCC

Wire LEDs to the 8 GPIOA lines.

Initialise the chip for non-sequential access:
[0x40 0x0A 0x28]    # WR_REG(0) IOCONA      SEQ_OFF|HAEN

Set all of PORTA as outputs:
[0x40 0x00 0x00]    # WR_REG(0) GPIOADIR    ALL_OUTPUT

Set a pattern on GPIOA LEDs
[0x40 0x12 b10000001]    # WR_REG(0) GPIOA       GPIOA-0

Serial port
TX on P1.1
RX on P1.2
9600bps 8-N-1

Chip Select P1.4

And wired up it looks something like this: